It’s common to hear people exclaim, “how time flies!” The passage of time can sometimes shock us when we get overwhelmed or carried away with life and it’s attendant issues.

Experiences differ and so are our prayers. For some, they can hardly wait for something to pass away while others simply want theirs to last forever.  A third group wish they could “turn back the hands of time.”

So, while the prayers may differ from person to person, the principles of time remain the same.

First, time is dynamic. It takes its definition in the motion of events. The motion of events may either be slow or fast but it moves nonetheless. So, we learn that idleness (doing nothing) and stagnation (remaining in the same state or status) do us absolutely no good, except, of course, when it’s time to sleep which is not only necessary but vital for good health.

Second, time, being in this context the motion of events, is always progressive. By any standard of measurement, the passage of time moves clockwise, forward and gets bigger, longer, farther, etc. By application, we learn to let go of the past. Time never goes back or gets lesser or smaller. We also learn that we ought to grow, to increase and to advance physically, spiritually and mentally. For every day that passes by we should better than we were the previous day in some way.

Granted, material increase, that is wealth and riches, may not happen overnight. It may take much longer for some people but it is worthy to note that it all starts in the mind. What we eventually achieve or acquire takes root in what we conceive; is sustained by faith and determination and is guaranteed by knowledge and education. All these start from the mind.

It is therefore pertinent that we should focus our personal development efforts on our mind. Improve your knowledge. Drop bad habits. Work on your weaknesses. Improve your lifestyle. Examine your associations.

The tips are numerous but the point is clear: make a conscious and determined effort to always be better each passing day.