[T]he record of the longest rainfall spell in history is held by Eallabus, on Islay, north-west of Scotland. The rainfall spanned an incredible 89 days in a row in 1923.

Early this year, the little Welsh village of Eglwyswrw came close to breaking that record with 85 days of consecutive rain, just about 4 days short.

However, the ordeal the residents had to face at the seemingly unending spell of rainfall outweighed the appeal of setting a new record whatsoever and they couldn’t just wait for the rains to come to and end.

In a well-documented investigation, The Telegraph UK reported that farmer and County Councillor James Davies brought in his sheep because they had developed wool rot. Davies was also quoted as saying, ‘their fleeces are not getting the chance to dry out because of the endless rain.’

One can only imagine the relief and joy the villagers would eventually experience when the rains eventually ended and the sky beamed in the much awaited sunshine.

Across the globe, there have been reported cases of prolonged and unfavourable weather conditions. Rainfall, drought, storms. Some may not even be prolonged. They just sweep through a particular area like hurricanes and tornadoes causing untold devastation in their wake.

However, they eventually come to an end and life goes on. I have been deeply touched when I watch some of these documentaries or read about them‎ and see how people broken from the terrible effects of these disasters pick up the pieces of their life and begin to rebuild with renewed hope and confidence in the future.

The late Dr. Robert Schuller was born shortly before the Great Depression in America in the 1930s. The Great Depression was once of the darkest periods in the nation’s history where destructive waves of drought damaged agricultural output, resulting in a devastating recession. His experiences are documented in his book, Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do.

Just like natural disasters and prolonged unfavourable weather conditions, life always throws a jab at us every now and then. Some may be prolonged, some may be short but they are nonetheless discouraging.


We all face these tough, dark, gloomy times. They come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they come from our own mistakes, other times they are just beyond our control.

The good news is that like every other cycle, they always come to an end. Always. There has never been a perpetual rainfall or storm anywhere.

So you just have to hang in there. Be patient. Be tenacious. Remain true to yourself and remain faithful to God. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give up. Don’t cut corners.

The flip side of these experiences is that there’s always something to learn. You learn more about yourself, about God and his faithfulness and about the people around you. In these lessons, you become wiser, better and stronger.

Remember, it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.