[W]e all have dreams, goals, desires, wishes, wants. We all have fanciful projections of who or what or where we want to be at some point in our lives. While some are lofty and grand, others are simple and minimalist.

So while everyone can dream, the path to such achievements are never the same for everyone. And so are the opportunities.  For some, it’s all laid out, nice and easy. For others, it’s a struggle, series of battles have to be won at each fork in the road with no end in sight.

We deal with frustration, confusion and discouragement. Some end the pursuit. Others persevere. Faith, courage  and tenacity keeps the engine running. The euphoria of small victories propel us to go for the kill, the ultimate conquest.‎

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We continue to pursue our dreams and negotiate our journey through the menacing battles. We eventually win. The degree is done and dusted. The idea is executed for huge profit. The skill is acquired. The house is built. The book is written. The movement produces change.

Sadly,‎ for many, this is just a projection. It never happens. Dreams remain dreams and ideas remain ideas. Because while they dream and revel in their fantasies, they have a thousand and one reasons why it was never going to materialize. Lack of finance or support, disability, limited or unavailable opportunities and self-doubt. Of course these factors make life tough and unbearable but one thing you should understand is if you have the ability to dream, then you have the ability to execute it. No one said it will be easy.

The secret and most important thing is the activation energy. In chemistry, activation energy is the minimum energy required to start a chemical reaction. Thousands and thousands of reactions go on every day in our bodies and surroundings. Seeing, hearing and brain functions are all products of chemical reactions. Go to a supermarket, and see hundreds of fine commodities. They were all made by chemical reactions. All began with activation energy.

So you could wait for your life to begin and wait perpetually or keep telling yourself while it will never happen because you’re scared of failure and be sure it definitely won’t happen because you won’t give yourself the chance of finding out.

All you need is that first step, the activation energy. The ride may not be roller-coaster and yes, you may fail (failure has never been a crime, you can always try again) but if you just keep going you’d keep reducing the distance between you and your dreams until they are no longer dreams.

So get up and  get going. Go and write that song or that book or sign up for that audition. Make that call. Send that mail. Work on that idea. Learn that skill.

Just make that first step and don’t look back.‎

Photo credits: Fuji Sun